Best Short curly hairstyles for women

Best Short curly weave hairstyles for women

hairstyles are always big fun for girls around the world. Glamorous hairstyles can vary from loose curls to tight and there are plenty of short curly hairstyles to have a gorgeous look in every season. Wouldn’t it be great idea to style your natural short curly  hairstyles than being worried to change your naturals?

Best Short curly weave hairstyles for women

List of short curly hairstyles

There are various types and textures of natural hair, mostly seen in African, Malaysian, Brazilian, Eurasian and Peruvian women that can follow short curly hairstyles for black women Hairstyles, Natural Short Curly Hair Weaves for Black Women categorized by wave patterns and texture such as tight curly, loose curls, deep wavy, wavy, and straight. Here is the list of Best trendy short curly hairstyles:-

#1: Funky fresh on short pixie cuts for short curly hairstyles

To women with short curly hair, short pixie cuts can give cool & stylish look. The best thing about this sexy hairstyle that you don’t need to follow any hard instructions at all, each time your re-touches will give it sexy funky fresh look on your short pixie cuts.

Things to Use:

  • Curling iron (quality ceramic iron recommended)
  • Flat Iron
  • Hair spray

Note: Use low temperature whiling ironing weave hair to prevent any hair damage.

Styling instructions for funky fresh look

  • Use on 1” distances ceramic curling iron on top hair curls
  • On rest hair use flat iron in 2” distances.
  • Giving finishing touches by using any good hair spray

Funky fresh hairstyle recommended for:

All face shape women will look superb in this hairstyle.

#2: Raving crochet braids for short curly hairstyles

This hairstyle is super sexy hairstyle solution for amazing full curls set for the ladies inspired by short curly hairstyles to have raving crochet braids. This hairstyle idea is famous and liked by many women as it work amazingly for trying any look.

Things to Use:

  • Hair extension (Queen Brazilian for natural look)
  • Hair spray
  • Crochet hair tool

Styling instructions for Raving crochet braids

  • Braid all of your hair into 12-14 corn rows
  • Install hair by using crochet tool.
  • As per desire give partition to your hair.
  • Give finishing touches with light hair hold spray

Raving crochet braids hairstyle recommended for:

This hairstyle will look cool on any face shape, short to medium hair ladies can try this.

#3: Copper Bob for short curly hairstyles

This hairstyle looks cool with any skin tone and any face shape however medium length weave hair are recommended to opt this hairstyle. Before committing to any color, naturally colored weave hair are the best to test. Copper bob give every lady a sexy look without any hard efforts.

Things to Use:

  • Curling iron
  • Hair spray

Styling instructions for copper bob hairstyle

  • Give partition to your hair as desired.
  • Sweep side your hair.
  • Use gold curling iron on 1” for curling slightly.
  • To lock your style in desired position use light finishing hair spray.

Copper bob hairstyle recommended for:

Medium hair and any face shape women can have this beautiful hairstyle.

#4: Curly sue short curly hairstyles

I don’t think there could be more beautiful hairstyle for weave hair than these natural look short curly hairstyles that blends your curls in a beautiful way. Usually, common girls wants to go for fashionable hairstyles but they avoid because of long hours wastage fears as usually they see others, however, this is not true in few very simple short curly hairstyles as curly sue.

Things to Use:

  • Hair Pins and hair bands
  • Hair glue
  • Hair spray

Styling instructions for curly sue hairstyle

  • Smoothly tie your all hair into high ponytail style.
  • Glue, sew or wrap your natural curly weave
  • With the help of fingers, give them curly styles.
  • Lock them with light hold finishing spray.

Curly sue hairstyle recommended for:

Best any face shape and medium to short length weave hair.

Note: Use natural coconut oil weekly to maintain your natural hair’s integrity.

#5: Over the top Mohawk for short curly hairstyles

To make your friends jealous, have an over the top Mohawk hairstyle like celebrities and notice others reactions towards you. Small or bigger curls are your own choice but having an over the top Mohawk will give you luxurious celebrity hairstyle each time. You can have this stylish look at home by following few easy steps for short curly hairstyles.

Things to Use:

  • Hair Pins
  • Curl cream
  • Hair spray
  • Diffuser

Styling instructions for over the top Mohawk hairstyle

  • Tie your all hair into high ponytail style smoothly.
  • Wrap up your natural curly weave hair around the ponytail and pinup to lock that position.
  • Split up ponytail into Mohawk and with help of pins lock there.
  • Use light hold hairspray.
  • You’re done.

Over the top Mohawk hairstyle recommended for:

Any face shape medium to short hair ladies can try this hairstyle however it will look perfect with long hair to.

Author notes about short curly  hairstyles

I must say, never spoil your virgin short curly hair by testing numerous Short curly hairstyles for black women but you should try only best recommended short curly  hairstyles that specially prepared and published guides under experts consideration for you. As maintaining weave hair is already not that easy then losing their integrity will give you more headache.

I must say, never hate your natural hair, no matter if these are curly weave, natural curly, small curly, big curls, wavy or with any other textures. There are always beautiful solution for your natural hair in this modern era of fashion. There are no doubt, plenty of hairstyles that can be adopted by according to face-shape to get best beautiful results. Short bob hairstyles for black women are helpful to give you confidence such as going for haircut once and you can try hair-rebounding into your favorite style and it will remain six to eight months easily.